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samedi 18 juillet 2015

Lorsque les minéraux sont d'or. ( 4 Photos).

Opale de feu.

This is another kind of opal, called the Fire Opal. It's found in Mexico and inside seems to be filled with flames or a sunset.

The World’s Most Valuable Pearl by ferrebeekeeper: Selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, these come not from oysters, but instead from very large sea snails of the species Melo melo, which live in the tropical waters of southeast Asia. These huge marine gastropods live by hunting other smaller snails along the shallow underwater coasts of the Southeast Asia seas. Unlike the nacreous pearls from oysters & abalones, these have a porcelain-like transparent shine. #Pearl  #Melo_meloPerle de culture.
 Très rare.

Agathe or.

Agua Neuva Agate

Formes naturelle de l'or.

Natural Forms of Gold (Au)

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